Bionic Woman

A phrase that has been used to describe me is, “bionic woman.” One definition of bionic is having superhuman strength or capacity.

Although the analogy is quite fitting given the hardware that is in my knee, when I hear myself called bionic, I bristle a little.

I receive it as a compliment but I also receive it as pressure. As an expectation that I need to live up to.

Like most people, the challenges and hardships I’ve endured over the years have required me to be strong. And while I am proud of my strength, strength is more than enduring and achieving.

Simone Biles and Mikaela Shiffrin. Two young women seen as invincible. As bionic, in each of their respective sports. Struggled or as some might say ‘fell apart’ on the world stage.

While heartbreaking to watch, I believe it is an incredible gift for our culture today. It brings humanness into the light.

Humanness comes from the root word “human,” which is to be sympathetic or humane. “Humane” is characterized by tenderness, compassion, and sympathy for people.

To see that even the “GOAT’s” of the world in all their strength are, at their core, human.

To see that strength isn’t merely perfection and jubilance. It can also be . . .

  • Tears
  • Heartache
  • Disappointment
  • Frustration
  • Confusion
  • Grief
  • Anger
  • Weariness

Strength looks like embracing our HUMANNESS. And being human is beautiful.