A Culture of Comparison

Lately I’ve found myself struggling with my value. With my self-worth. Especially in doing the things I care about most.

I would love to be able to say that I am confident in who I am 100% of the time. The reality is, I’m not. There’s this thing I struggle with . . . comparison.

When I begin to compare myself to others in one area of my life, it has a domino effect and begins to trickle into ALL areas of my life. And before I know it, I am in a pit of self hatred.

I want to throw in the towel. I want to give up and say f$%#* it. I’m not good enough. I have nothing to offer. I’m worthless.

If only I was…

as smart

as liked

as beautiful

as successful

as creative

as eloquent as I picture everyone else to be…

THEN I will be seen. THEN I will be known. THEN I will be accepted.

Jesus. Jesus. Jesus.

My head knows that these thoughts are lies. But when I give in to the temptation to compare. When I fall victim to the culture of comparison. It allows the enemy to come in and begin jumping on those tender places of my heart, interrupting the elusive reminders that confirm the truth of who I am.

Pause. Breathe. And breathe again.

While I am unable to flip a switch that turns off all forms of comparison in my mind, today I’m going to make one small choice against comparison.

Today, when I go in for my yearly physical, I’m going to turn around when I step on the scale. I’m going to ask the nurse not to tell me my weight.

I’m saying no to a comparison that wants to define whether or not I’m skinny enough. To a number I’ve equated in my mind defines my worth.I am more than a number on a scale.

I am more than a number of likes on Facebook. And I am so much more than what the enemy wants me to believe about myself. And so are you.

So I want to ask, what small choice can you make today against comparison?

“There is an abundant need in this world for your exact brand of beautiful.”

Lysa TerKerust

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