Mom. A word that can spark a wide spectrum of emotions depending on your story. And while I have my own story and my own experience of mom, I want to offer a perspective that I believe brings truth. Brings life. And brings hope. For all of us.

Whether our mom cried tears of joy at our existence. Or our mom despised our very existence.

Whether our mom nurtured our hearts. Wounded our hearts. Or a combination of the two.

Whether our mom was a safe place. Or our mom was anything but safe.

Whether we enjoy the presence of our mom. We miss the presence of our mom. Or we never knew the presence of our mom to be able to miss her.

The truth is, we were created. We were known. We were loved. Before we were ever a glint in the eye of our earthly mother.

We were a daughter. We were a son. Before we were ever a symbol on a pregnancy test or an image on a screen.

I don’t know what pain you may be carrying in the category of mom but I do know this . . .

I was chosen. You were chosen. WE were chosen.

“It’s not deciding in my mind, I deserve to be loved. Or manipulating my heart to feel loved. It’s settling in my soul, I was created by God, who formed me because He so much loved the very thought of me. When I was nothing, He saw something and declared it good. Very good. And very loved.”

Lysa TerKeurst, Uninvited

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