An End of School Letter to My Kids

It was one year ago, I was preparing to enter the carpool lane to do a drive-by pick-up of your school supplies. 

Of all the things you left behind when you unknowingly walked out the door of your school for the last time just two months prior. 

And here we are. One year later. Much has changed . . . and much has not. 

This year has held its fair share of heartaches and disappointments. And we have all shed tears. Many, many tears, for those things that were lost . . . 

Field trips and art shows that didn’t happen. 

Music concerts performed to an empty gym.

Drum sticks and plastic buckets that replaced playing instruments in class.

School assemblies and pep rallies that weren’t allowed. 

Traditions that didn’t come to pass.

And parents that couldn’t be present for anything in the school. 

No one would blame you for saying this school year was horrible . . . and yet when I asked you to reflect on this school year, your first response was not the things you didn’t get to do. 

Rather, your response was wisdom far beyond your years . . .    

Appreciation of time with my friends. 

Appreciation for the creativity of the teachers to still give me experiences . . . even if it looked different than what it should have been. 

The power of my thoughts. If I continue to think how bad things are, it amplifies that feeling. But if I choose to be positive, it lessens the intensity and I realize I can do hard things. 

I am in awe. If these are the things you take away and remember from this past year, you’re going to be ok. 

Actually, you’re going to be more than ok. Your light is going to change the world. 

With Love and Admiration,


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