An Unfinished Masterpiece

In the stillness and quiet of the early morning hours, I began to ponder what this year will hold. 

With my eyes closed, the image in my mind was as though I were looking through the lens of a camera, slowly zooming out. 

The view began to appear smaller and smaller until what I saw were tiny square pictures creating a larger picture . . . an unfinished larger picture.  

In that moment, I found my spirit buoyed. 

While I was not able to make out each picture, my heart knew what they were. 

Not images of grandeur, revealing how this is going to be the year that restores all that was lost in 2020. 

It wasn’t a picture of a shiny dollar amount, a title or an achievement that I ought to work toward. 

And it wasn’t a glimpse of all the areas in my life that are in need of more of my time and attention. 

What I saw was the beauty and the simplicity of each small moment in my life. 

I saw the hope of my becoming.

The pain. The grief. The struggle. 

The joy. The delight. The awe. 

It was all there. 

I could feel the relief that all of the experiences of my life up to this point were not wasted.

I could feel the anticipation of the moments that will be added into my story this year.

I could feel the excitement of a larger story that is continuing to be written. 

And I could see the unfinished picture . . . a portrait of me . . . continuing to be created.

As I’ve allowed myself to marinate in the power of this image, I feel an invitation from my Father to explore a question . . . and I’d like to invite you to join me in the exploration. 

The question: Who do I want to become?

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