Thank God 2020 is Almost Over . . . Or Thank God for 2020

As this year is drawing to an end, I’m finding myself with an attitude of, “Thank God 2020 is almost over!” But is that really the posture I want to be holding entering into the New Year?

There’s no denying 2020 has been a challenging year. A disorienting year. However, I want to look back and see not only the struggle but see the growth as well. I believe if I choose to have eyes to see it, it’s there.

To list out all the hurts and disappointments of the past several months would invite me to compare my list with others. It would lure me into the ‘one up’ game. The ‘well let me tell you how I have it worse’.

That’s not my desire. Nor is it my desire to fake it. Stuff it. Or be a Pollyanna.

The desire of my heart is to reflect on the pain. To reflect on the struggle. And see where my Father was. See His fingerprints. See the larger story that I was unable to see while in the moments of uneasiness.

To be reminded of the beauty that came in the midst of the hard. To be reminded of the joy that was created in the midst of unprecedented circumstances.

As the final chapter for the year 2020 prepares to close, may we resist labeling it as the worst year ever. May we resist sealing up the events of the year 2020 and placing it on the shelf, never to be touched again.

Instead, may we grant ourselves permission to feel all the emotions this year has held and place them at the feet of our Father.

And may we choose courage and ask God for His eyes to see and His ears to hear the story He is writing for us.

This is not the end. Our story is not finished.

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