Veterans Day: A Wife’s Perspective

My husband has been serving in the Air Force for over 20 years and we have been married for 16 of those years. 

My attitude and perspective on being a ‘military spouse’ is a little different than most. 

You see, I’m not an Air Force wife. I just happen to be married to a man who wears a uniform with a “United States Air Force” patch. 

Now before anyone decides to throw rotten tomatoes at me, let me explain. 

I love this country. I support our military. And I am FOR America. 

I believe fully in the mission my husband serves for our country. A mission that is greater than himself. And I am truly honored to be a part of that as his wife, enduring whatever cost comes with his service.  

But that is not the deepest, truest thing I celebrate on Veterans Day. The Air Force is not who my husband is. 

His career as a pilot in the Air Force is a platform for his heart to come alive and to be seen through the way in which he leads and teaches those entrusted to his care. 

My husband is selfless.

He is brave. 

He is a teacher.

He is a leader.

He sees the deeper story in those he serves with. 

These things are not true of him because of the uniform he wears. They are true of him because that is who is. Because he desires to live from his identity, not for it. 

To honor my husband’s service, I don’t simply honor his choice to put on the uniform. I honor the man he is and the man he is becoming. 

When we honor and celebrate the Veterans who have and are currently serving, let us remember to not simply honor their uniform. Lets look beyond the surface.

Lets look deeper and see their hearts. That is where their true beauty lies. Where their true identity can be found. And where true honor should be bestowed.

To the past and present Veterans, I pray you know in the deepest places of your being that you are SEEN, that you are KNOWN, that you are LOVED and that you are APPRECIATED for WHO you are in your uniform not because of it. 

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