My Husband’s Happiness is Not My Responsibility

“The journey to becoming a more wholehearted woman has been a type of excavation for me. A slow process whereby lies, agreements, and wounds are being uncovered and identified. In the early years of my marriage, I wanted to please my husband in everything I did. I believed he was the report card on how I was doing not only as a wife and mother but as a person.”

2 thoughts on “My Husband’s Happiness is Not My Responsibility

  1. This is so good Robin speaks to me deeply. Up until now I have been a hugh people pleaser especially with my husband , thinking all along that that is what would bring something to me that I want. If I do this for you then you will do that for me! Not how things work. How beautifully you described the freeway in marriage , make room for God! Give Him access to all things. Love your heart.

    1. Thank you so much, Karen. I love being on this journey with you. You are a beautiful and radiant light who shines brightly. Yes to the more and allowing God to access those places only He can. Love you.

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