Craving to be Mothered

There is something about crisis and change that stirs a longing within us for mom. As the weeks continue to unfold with this global pandemic, I’m finding myself with a yearning deep inside for mothering.

The word mother can trigger a myriad of responses. Joy. Sadness. Anger. For me, it is a mixture of all of the above.

It has been almost four years since I lost my mom to cancer. While my heart misses her tremendously, this longing within me is not merely a longing for my mom. It is a longing for the nature of mother.

Navigating the unknown and the uncertainty of these days, I feel at times as though I am a lonely orphan girl. My heart aching to be mothered. To have permission to fall apart. To not be strong all the time.

My heart is yearning for:

The compassion of a mother’s voice.

The comfort of a mother’s embrace.

The affection of a mother’s gaze.

The softness of a mother’s breath.

The peace of a mother’s presence.

The fullness of a mother’s love.

Whether our experience of mom is breathtaking, heartbreaking or somewhere in between, we can find hope in the God we know as Father. Whose heart is genderFULL – equally capable of both fathering and mothering our entire beings.

To feel that – to experience that – comes when we courageously open the door and invite Him in.

Heavenly Father,

I come to You on behalf of those of us who are needing Your mothering heart today. Who are longing to feel seen. To feel known. To feel valued in this time of significant isolation.

May we courageously choose to get up out of the corner we are hiding in and bravely walk over to the door where, whether knowingly or unknowingly, we’ve shut You out. We’ve sealed off our hearts. And we’ve become a prisoner to the lie that we are all alone.

As we stare down the door that opens from the inside, may we take a long, deep breath in and a long, deep breath out. And as we exhale, may we release all of our worries and our fears, open the door, and invite You in.

We invite You in to reveal the tapestry of Your mothering heart. Your presence. Your mercy. Your grace. Your kindness. Your compassion. Your love. Your healing touch. And may we rest deeply and fully in Your embrace.


Artwork by Norohasina Harris

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