Loving Ourselves Can Be Hard

There are days I feel good in my skin and in my clothes. And then there are days I struggle to love myself. Lately, I’ve REALLY been struggling.

Maybe it’s because I noticed on my health profile that I have a “condition” titled BMI. My height and weight ratio have me teetering on the edge of being labeled “overweight”.

Maybe it’s my reflection in the mirror that appears curvier than I once remembered. Or maybe it’s because I’m just plain blowing it when it comes to saying no to my favorite foods.

One morning, as I walked into my yoga class feeling less than loving about myself, I went to my usual spot. This spot has been “my spot” for over a year.

As I laid out my mat, I looked down and could not believe my eyes. There in the stain of the hard wood floor was a heart. I smiled and felt the tears begin to fill my eyes.

I am seen.

And I am loved.

Just. As. I. Am.

As difficult as it is to admit, I recognize the lens I desire to see myself through, that of my Father God, has become fogged over by the cultures measuring stick. Fogged over by comparison.

And the voice of truth my heart desires to hear, has become drowned out by the lies whispering that I need to fit into a certain chart, be a certain size or reflect a certain image.

Loving ourselves can be a battle but I invite you to join me. Lets check the lens we are viewing ourselves through. Lets check the voice we are listening to. And if you’ll allow me, I’d like to say…

You are seen.

And you are loved.

Just. As. You. Are.

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